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What We Do


  • Now a days a lot of Indians travel to other countries for studies, work or pleasure. Finding good vegetarian food can be a huge problem abroad. Quick meals provides ready to cook meals having a shelf life of 6 months, which are light, nutritious & easy to prepare.

  • Our mission is to provide a wide range of dehydrated meals so that our customers have healthy eating options anywhere in the world.


Quick Meal is prepared using an innovative drying technology to increase the shelf life without affecting the taste and nutritional value. It is similar to the spices your granny prepares by drying the mangos, but ours is a more refined process.

It is truly your “Home Replacement Meal”.

Why should you buy Quick Meals??

  • No Preservatives are used in the process of dehydration, making our products as healthy as your home food.

  • Dehydrating helps in removing moisture from pre cooked meals. Increasing the shelf life up to 6 months.

  • Dehydration helps in reducing the weight of the products by 70% - 80% by removing moisture. The weight is gained back when the same is prepared through our 3 step process.

All Products



  • We provide a large range of pre-cooked meals (Please see our menu card for further details).

  • You can also bring your mom’s home cooked food or food from your favorite restaurants, and we will dehydrate and pack it for you. Isn’t it jus WOW!!

  • We can also Vacuum pack products for you. Packaging is done in co-polymer pouches which do not allow moisture or air to get into the packet, keeping your food edible for a long time.


Step - 1 :
Pour Water in the utensil and heat it on gas/ hot plate/ cooker/ microwave.

Step - 2 :
Empty contents of the pack in water. Heat and stir it till you get the required consistency.

Step - 3 :
It's ready to eat.

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For order and any other Enquiries you can call us on the following numbers:

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